Entourage CBD Vape Oil (50mg - 100mg CBD)

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Entourage’s CBD Hemp Vape Oil is a great e-liquid, naturally flavored through special blends of terpenes. It’s made from high quality, lab-tested hemp oil.  

We offer 50mg-100mg of CBD per bottle. Like all of our products, this is non-psychoactive.

How to Use Entourage CBD Vape Oil

Just fill your vape tank with this powerful hemp juice as you would any other of your juice. Or you can mix it with some of your other vape juice to create your own masterpiece. If you’re worried the flavor may not compliment an existing oil you’d like to mix it with, consider the Occam’s Razor (unflavored) option.

  • Great flavor that comes from a natural blend of terpenes
  • Made with hemp oil rich in phytonutrients
  • Nicotine-free
  • No PEG
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Great for vaporizers, dip rigs and tanks