CBD Bluebird Botanicals: Hemp Oil Drops

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CBD Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oil - a full spectrum CBD hemp oil with 250mg CBD per ounce

Bluebird Botanicals is a trusted well-known brand in Colorado, USA. All of their products are 100% organically grown hemp plant with no pesticides or herbicides and with 0% synthetic CBD. Bluebird Botanicals products are tested by third-party labs to ensure safety and legality.

Full spectrum hemp extract is a non-psychoactive blend of powerful healing compounds, like cannabinoids, omega oils, and essential fatty acids, lipids, and terpenes. This wonder oil is pure, clean and high quality because it has been extracted using a method called CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is the cleanest and safest method to extract oil from plants.


  • 100% Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • No Herbicides
  • No Artificial Chemicals or Additives
  • Full Spectrum
  • C02 Extraction



  • 1oz (30ml) 250mg CBD
  • 2oz (60ml) 500mg CBD



This hemp oil extract can be taken day or night. We recommend taking it after a meal. 

There is no specific serving size, everyone's body responds differently, so we suggest doing your own research and experimentation to find what works best for you. Some people swallow 15 drops or more, it depends on how much CBD they need.  We encourage experimenting because no one knows your body more than you.


Not intended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are trying to treat a disease or disorder, please consult a qualified medical professional because this product is not intended to treat or cure any disease. The food and drug administration (FDA) has not evaluated the statements above.



This hemp tincture is placed in a dark colored bottle with a dropper to easily dispense the oil. The reason why it is placed in a dark colored bottle is to maintain its quality and consistency. 



We suggest keeping it refrigerated or in a cool dry place.




Hemp-derived extract (emulsified in virgin hemp seed oil)