Tasty Oil: CBD Tasty Drops (300mg CBD)

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Tasty Oil: CBD Tasty Drops is a full spectrum CBD,  packed with phytonutrients, terpenes and a  proprietary blend of cannabinoids. CBD Tasty Drops are safe, non-psychoactive and lab tested by third-party labs to ensure purity and quality. It is proudly made in the United States and legal in all 50 states.

  • Concentration: 1oz (300mg)
  • Made in the USA from imported hemp.
  • Made with raw hemp oil
  • Natural Terpenes
  • Great Tasting
  • 7.5mg proprietary phytocannabinoid blend per 15 drops

How to use Tasty Oil CBD Tasty Drops?

We suggest a serving size of 15 drops once or twice a day. There’s no set standard serving for hemp oil as each of us are different. We suggest to test or experiment to figure out your best regimen. A specific serving size may be best for you but may not work for others. You may find that you need to take more to start, allowing the oil to build up your system, and then slowly reduce the amount as you go along. But if you’re taking other hemp product as supplements, u may want to take small amounts and get the same benefits.

It’s so easy and simple to use this wonderful product. Put tasty drops under your tongue, holding it there for 60-90 seconds and then swallow. Keeping the hemp oil in your mouth for a minute or longer, you are allowing it to absorb into your body quicker.


  • Spearmint
  • Berry
  • Vanilla
  • Natural (Unflavored)


Tasty Oil: CBD Tasty Drops tastes good. We have different flavors to choose from. For a strong, minty flavor with a pleasant dash of sweetness, we recommend Chocolate Mint or Spearmint. If you like a more natural sweet tasty flavor, with a pleasant aroma, Vanilla is a good choice.


Not intended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are trying to treat a disease or disorder, please consult a qualified medical professional.


Tasty Hemp Oil Ingredients

Raw Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Organic and Natural Flavors, Terpenes