How to kick off your day with CBD oil?

How to kick off your day with CBD oil?

Are you wondering how you can add CBD into your daily routine?

Cannabinoids are the natural chemical compounds found in hemp plants that can help us deal with pain, inflammation, seizure, nausea, anxiety, etc. They interact with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to maintain important bodily functions like how we feel, move, or react. 

There are many variations of CBD available on the market today. These different forms of CBD are effective on its own depending on the potency and depending on how much CBD your body needs. However, we don't really have to buy all of them, we do have ways on how to add CBD into your life without breaking the bank. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Take CBD in the Morning

  • It aids calming and relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Boosts energy
  • A great anti-inflammatory
  • It doesn't give you any "high"
  • It gives you the benefit of Cannabidiol (CBD) first thing in the morning 

Here are some simple and easy ways to make CBD a part of our daily life. 


1. Oatmeal/Oats

Do you love to start your day with oats? Oats are rich in fiber, very healthy and it's so easy to prepare. It's full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and has tons of good benefits to the body. In fact, Oats are considered one of the most nutritious grains on earth.

Starting your day with oats and a drop or two of CBD oil or tincture can definitely kick-start your day.

Reasons why cereals/oats are good for you.

  • Whole Oats are rich in antioxidants
  • Oats are high in fiber
  • It can lower cholesterol
  • Oats can control blood sugar levels
  • Oats may help you lose weight
  • Oats are a good source of quality protein
  • It is full of vitamins and minerals
  • Improves digestion
  • Decreases risk of heart disease


2. Simple Fruit Breakfast

    Did you know that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day? Kick off your day with a simple fruit bowl with a drop or two of CBD oil or tincture then you're good to go.

    If you are on a diet and you are used to skipping breakfast every day because of the notion that no breakfast will make you lose weight fast, then you are definitely mistaken. No breakfast is as bad as eating breakfast full of gluten, sugar, and cholesterol. Both are bad practices.  If you are serious about your wellness goals, unhealthy breakfast is not even an option.

    There's nothing more nutritious and delicious than a simple fruit breakfast with smoothie, juice or almond milk. It's so easy to prepare, you can even prepare it the night before. Furthermore, adding a drop or two of CBD oil will boost all the nutrients your body needs for the day. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a superfood that can be taken any time of the day. There is no exact dosage for taking CBD.

    Taking Hemp CBD oil is not complicated at all. Most first time CBD users are advised to take it small, like a drop or two of the tincture for a week then gradually increase it so your body will slowly get immune to it. For nutritional supplements, you can stick to one or two drops of CBD oil. However, if you feel like you need more then you can add more drops in the second week. Click here for the product guide. 

    There are so many benefits you can get from eating simple raw meals every morning without the guilt of heavy eating, lavish gluten consumption, unwanted sugar, and bad cholesterol. Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals that can support your body's everyday function. In addition, fruits are rich in fiber that promotes proper digestion, thus it can also help you manage your weight properly. 

    Nevertheless, you might want to take into consideration that fruits alone cannot provide all the energy you need to keep your day going. You need protein and good fats to give you all the energy you need. To enjoy the full benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), a complete organic healthy breakfast is highly recommended.

    Benefits of eating fruits in the morning:

    • Rich in fiber
    • Helps manage weight
    • Helps prevent diseases or infections
    • Supports the body's immune system
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C, etc.




    3. Smoothies / Protein Shakes

      Did you know that taking CBD in the morning has a lot of health benefits your body will thank you for? If you are a smoothie enthusiast like most of us are, then a smoothie infused CBD breakfast is the perfect morning partner for you.

      Boost your day with a healthy vegetable and fruit CBD infused smoothie. Smoothies are rich in fiber and antioxidants. It keeps you hydrated, energized and it helps lessen your cravings for food, sugar, and other unhealthy snacks.

      Get all the daily nutrients of fruits, vegetables, and CBD in one easy and simple nutritious recipe. 


      Benefits of drinking a fruit/vegetable smoothie every day.

      • A great and healthy breakfast.
      • Aids digestion.
      • Some vegetables are best eaten raw like beets, kale, arugula etc.
      • Perfect for busy individuals who don't have time to prepare vegetable meals.
      • Keeps you energized
      • Keeps you hydrated 
      • Packed with antioxidants
      • Boosts your immune system
      • Promotes healthy radiant skin
      • Promotes better sleep

      How to make a healthy CBD infused smoothie?

      There is no exact measurement in making a smoothie. You can make it anyway way you want. You can mix it with whatever organic fruits and vegetables you prefer. We suggest using different green leafy vegetables every day or do alternates. We don't encourage adding sugar or any dairy products. This simple recipe is the base of every smoothie and it's very nutritious and delicious.

      Cruciferous vegetables are best eaten raw so you don't need to steam or cook them. Cooking will break their anti-carcinogenic potential. Anti-carcinogens are substances that will restrain the growth of cancer. Examples of these vegetables are arugula, kale, bokchoi, watercress, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli.

      You can use any liquid you want. We recommend organic coconut water,  orange juice, and almond or flax milk. Be creative, if you want it sweeter you can add more banana or if you want to boost your green leafy vegetable intake, you can add more greens. Additionally, if you want a much thinner texture, you can add more liquid. Everything depends on your personal preference. 

      Make smoothie a part of your daily routine and you will notice a big change in your health, mood, diet, and skin.

      • 1/2 to 1 whole banana
      • 1 to 2 cups of green leafy vegetable (or fruits ) 
      • 1 cup coconut water (you can substitute it with OJ or Almond milk)
      • 1/2 cup ice (optional)
      • 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil or tincture (depending on your CBD needs)


       We recommend using all organic produce.



      4. Juices

      Treat yourself to a refreshing and healthy organic fruit and vegetable juices. Juicing promotes body cleansing, reduces blood sugar levels and supports proper digestion. It is also rich in antioxidant and supports a strong immune system.

      Juicing is also a great option for people who are having challenges eating vegetables every day. We recommend making your own fruit and vegetable juice to get all the benefits of drinking fresh organic juice every morning. Making your own juice will not just save you money, but will also save you from sugar, preservatives, additives and artificial flavors found in store-bought juices.

      The benefits of Juicing:

      • Promotes clear and radiant skin
      • Supports proper digestion
      • Juicing keeps your hydrated
      • It's perfect for people who have difficulty in swallowing hard foods
      • Helps lower cholesterol
      • Promotes good health and strong immune system
      • Helps prevent cancer
      • Reduces blood sugar levels
      • Detoxifies the body
      How to make simple fruit and vegetable juices?

      You can mix and match the fruits and vegetables you want to put in your juice. It depends on your choice of fruits and vegetables. You can do different juices every day depending on your needs. We recommend using all organic fruits and vegetables.

      Beet and berry liver juice.

      - This power juice is a great combination to cleanse your liver. Add a drop or two of CBD then you're good to go.

      Carrots, Celery, and apple juice.

      - Celery is great in removing uric acid from the kidneys, while carrots and apples are rich in Vitamin A and are good antioxidants.

      Ginger, lemon, turmeric, and apple.

      - Do your daily detox with this combination. Lemon is a great antioxidant and is rich in vitamin C. Turmeric and ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great antioxidant too.




       5. Teas

       Another way for you to ingest CBD is through your teas! Teas are perfect antioxidants. They help boost your immune system, supports weight loss, aids proper digestion and promotes body cleansing. Teas are excellent in the morning, in the afternoon and before bed. 

      Just add CBD oil or tincture to your favorite tea and enjoy! You can drink it any time of the day hot or cold. You can be creative with teas too. You can add milk and make it a CBD milk tea. If you are allergic to dairy, you can substitute it with organic almond milk or flax milk. They are so good! You can also keep it simple. Just add lemon and make it a CBD lemon tea. 

      Benefits of Tea:

      • Tea contains antioxidant
      • Refreshing and very hydrating
      • Aids weight loss
      • Supports a healthy heart
      • Promotes body cleansing
      • Helps proper digestion
      • Promotes relaxation/healing
      • Contains less caffeine than coffee
      • Boosts immune system






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